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specialized work exchange.

Specialized work exchange is an opening for a long term farm stay. Enjoy all the benefits of living on the farm including 3 meals a day, fresh juice, workshops and amenities.


Currently Open

Botanist or student

Assist us in the ongoing study and identification of local plants.  We live in an unique area where there are 11 different microclimates in a 2 hour drive.  This is an ongoing project.

Currently Open
Wood Worker/Carpenter
We are seeking a person to help us create and manage our carpentry section on the farm where they will create items from reclaimed and sustainable lumber and recycled items.  This is a ground floor project.  Duties would include advising how to outfit the workshop with the proper tools.

Currently Open
We are seeking a person to help us create and manage the pottery section on the farm including a kiln.  We ideally want to make crocs to hold Miso as well as related objects. The farm has two colors of clay available here that are used throughout the country to make ceramics.  This is a ground floor project.

Please stay tuned for future openings.  If you have a skill you feel would benefit us mutually, feel free to reach out and send us an email.


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