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We have moved into our 3rd year of our reforestation project. This year, by December 2023 we hope to have planted over 20,000 trees in our local community, if not more.  We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in reforesting an area that was burned by fire in our local beekeeper community.

Our project breaks the typical model of monoculture reforestation projects. 

We grow the natural species of trees in the area and including supportive plants. We have been offered area to replant and we have targeted areas that were burned by fires.  We want to start micro-forests.  Each micro-forest would mimic the natural area and include fruit trees as well as rare hardwoods that are in danger of extinction.  Each micro-forest would have a forest steward. Our hope is to teach sustainable forestry practices and help the 'forest stewards be able to have an income that helps them see the value in growing and caring for the trees.  


Last year we expanded our tree germination area by creating more germinating beds built with recycled lumber and filled with our compost and soil.  Each year at the time when the trees bear seeds we collect them by hand.  Through out the year we also germinate trees by cuttings. We have been growing a variety of local species of plants and trees.  We have a dedicated 'tree manager', Pepe, who is 78 years old.  He has a great knowledge of the local medicinal herbs and plants.  He tends to our baby trees daily.

With a number of allies and volunteers in the area we have been able to grow.   We are looking forward to continuing developing our strategies and planting more trees that will become our children's futures.  

if you are interested in being part of this project we want to hear from you.

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