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On the land we have discovered 2 species of friends whom we are mindfully creating space for to invite more and create habitats.  One is the monarch butterfly.  This year we did our best to leave untouched every place we saw milkweed growing. Watching the monarch caterpillars grown and go into the chrysalis state. Consciously waiting until the new butterflies emerged from the chrysalis.   Next season with intention we will seed a few areas with more milkweed.


Also I was really happy to discover we have a capybara eating the corn we planted in a remote field.  Although they are not a threatened species they are lovely creatures known to be loved by all animals.  We will create a refuge here, plant some corn just for it as well as provide additional support creating a welcoming habitat.

We also are a home for many many hives of stingless bees.  Their honey is legendary - it has very unique chemical properties and a higher moisture content.  The antioxidant and biochemical properties are stronger than manuka honey.  We leave the hives untouched but create new spaces for the hives to grow so we can help spread the species.  If anyone is interested in raising some of the bees do reach out.  They are not for sale, only available at certain times of the years and for experienced people and groups.



we love animals.
habitat protection.

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