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guardian farm.

We are creating a permaculture basecamp on the grounds of a property with a long history.  The farm has a mixture of soil types, natural spring water and many fruit trees.  We seek to educate by example and encourage through the action of being.

We have 60 beds availble, an indoor and out door kitchen space, 2 pools, yoga and meeting space and many many gardens.  The setting is rustic and close to the earth.  We are in process of creating a seed bank and support and desire to cultivate relationships with others that have that interest or are doing so.

The farm currently has cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, cuy and rabbits.  We support vegetarian and vegan lifestyles but honor that people have the right to choose.  We speak up for animals and others that have no voice calling for ethical treatment of animals including those animals that are meant for consumption by people who choose to eat meat.

We persue an organic lifestyle.

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