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Our land regeneration project is well underway. A once chemically farmed piece of land with degenerated soil will become a healthy thriving  circle garden with a fish moat.  A fish moat big enough for a little boat. We are hoping to start planting vegetables in the garden next year. The design is based on permaculture principles. This year is the third year of cover crops, compost and we have done large scale biochar and composting efforts to supplement the soil's recovery.

We are applying the practice of Hugelkulture to the land.  We have spent much time collecting discarded logs from fallen trees.  In the next month we will build the hills and hope to plant some staring crops in the spring.

We added a large fish pond to the area.  It has four separate ponds and is fed by springs from the land.  The water will be able to water some trees and crops and the water is redirected back into a little stream on the land.


land regeneration.

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