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Stingless Bees.

There are 400 known species of them. The way the create their hives is unique. Little ampoules of honey and pollen encased in delicate wax and plant matter. The queen rests with the eggs that create a spiral design.

The honey is extraordinary, it is a fine liquid without the viscosity of the common honey. The flavor has not only sweetness but tells a tale of where it is from. Floral scents earth and sweet acidic notes play upon both the nose and the tongue.

With a friend visiting from the jungles of Iquitos, we visited the hives of bee farmers in the area. Our farm, we discovered, on a quick walk had over 4 species, including one that has not been seen by our guide before. Bees have a very special place in my heart and as we strive to protect and preserve other species we are committed to these bees.

It looks as if we will engage in a breeding and educational program here in Peru.


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