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Filtered Water for our Community

The farm was full of excitement today. Everyone participated in assembling the water filters. They are now headed to 12 different households in our direct community. Water is cool.

One person shared what poor quality the water is - how many people and children get sick, it comes out brown from the spigot and has a lot of stuff in it. She asked if we could bring these kind of systems to the little schools in our pueblo.

That would be cool, yes?

Thank you everyone for partnering in this project with me. Doing acts like this creates a deep sense of fulfillment and joy in me because I can see what a great impact it makes in someone's life. Many people that I know will never comprehend what it is to have brown water coming out of your faucet and that water is your only option. Water is so important for life.

Thank you for making this happen. Thank you.


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