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Caring for elders.

Wednesdays on the farm we have dedicated to the 'abandoned'. The elderly that live further from the pueblo and are hard to reach. The idea is that each Wednesday we select a person or home and go visit them. We will clean their home, bring them a few items and share a warm meal.

The couple that we visited today was moved beyond words. The woman was born with a cleft palate. They both are finding it a bit hard to get around. They say there is not a lot of work. They could not stop thanking Nellie and Chami who went from our farm. I think if everyone of us ever felt, hurt or neglected or challenged went and found someone they could help slowly the feelings would wash away and you would make new friendships.

I want to bring the people here when we have meals so they can feel community. Someday a truck or van could be a good thing. For now the women walked because the people live where a car still will not go.

One of the photos is the fire, the stove, in their kitchen.

With Love,


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