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Donating water filters.

My friend’s kidneys hurt often and I asked, how much water do you drink? None, they told me because it comes out brown out of the tap. In that moment, I realized that all my friends, in my entire community, boil their water. In that moment, I realized they did not have access to free clean drinking water.

THE NEED: Help local families with a simple water filter. The average income here is $500 a month.

WHAT CAN WE DO? Immediately - we made DIY Berkey and Berkey compatible simple filtration systems for our community. Berkey is the world standard in water filtration. With a simple hack the Berkey black filters can be reused indefinitely.

THE COST: It will cost approximately $60 per house to install a copy cat Berkey DIY water system. 30 people giving $20 each will enable us to gift systems for 10 families. I know we can do it.

Thank you for helping people in our community. On the farm we have added water filtration systems to our studies and action list. Each Berkley filter will change a families life in a powerful way.

TO SPONSOR Please use PayPal and send via friends and family to or use Everything you give makes an impact. All money raised goes directly to the community less any atm or PayPal fees. I cover my travel costs and time.


You can also send these filters. PM me and I can send a mailing address.

With Love,



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