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Reforesting in our community.

We woke up this morning and the farm was embraced by a cloud. Bits and pieces of the surrounding mountains poked through. We brewed a cup of Christmas coffee - handcrafted here - a medium roast of single origin mixed with a cinnamon grown on a neighbors land. Then we waited.

Neighbors started arriving.

Today, in the midst of the of our country expressing its feelings, in the middle of a time of chaos - we choose this time to come together and act. A few weeks ago a community of bees farmers lost 75 bee houses in a fire. I watched the videos of the farmers weeping as they were helpless to save bee hives.

We are so grateful that the trees we started can help them now. The rainy season arrived and it is time to plant the baby trees, the future. 300 mulberry trees, Jackfruits, Ice Cream Bean Trees, Jacaranda, Local Hardwoods we carefully piled into a neighbors van. Our workers and volunteer, their workers and neighbors went to go plant the trees where the fires had burned.

Still recovering from my surgery, we are here at the farm prepping for their return. We are cooking a nice meal in the outdoor oven and will celebrate a bitter sweet day and a day of new beginnings.

If you have watched too much tv or internet today and are feeling overwhelmed be encouraged to connect with the Creator, connect with the creation, the Mother Earth. Do what you can to make our world a better place. For me, it is amazing how quickly our world can change when we focus on what positive things we can do in the moment, in any moment.

Much love and many hugs from a fellow person that has watched the world unfold a little too much on social media the last few days. My prayer is for us to find peace within today.

With Love, Sarah Sherman


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