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Farm Pics: Vinager + Hand Rolled Oolong Tea

There is something about the cloud forest and the rain. In the night, the loudest thunder echoes and lightning is heard. Often in minutes the pounding rain on a tin roof is almost deafening. The humidity rises like the hug of a storm. It feels safe. When day breaks and the sun peaks through animals, birds, bugs and critters dance the dance of life. Everywhere you look it is green.

Right now on the farm the coffee harvest is starting, we are doing our best to make more boxes to hold our baby trees. We are using reclaimed wood bits. We have been planting the last few trees for this time of the year.

Starting to grow our seedlings for the greenhouse and today we gathered the starts for something new.

This spring, we start planting the butterfly garden. A space dedicated to the Monarchs and the bees. For the last years we have let every single plant that the Monarch's like grow. When we cut back plants, we cut around them. Now we selected cuttings and they are separated by the colors of the flowers and waiting to root in buckets.

Bees and butterflies and the smell of fresh rain. To me are very good things.

With Love and some random pics,


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