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Wow, what a day. I live 4 hours away from where I get my mail. To get there I have a driver takes me through a cloud forest that winds up a mountain. The windy road switches back and forth and there are many waterfalls along the way. Rivers cross the road sometimes leaving boulders in middle. It is dangerous to drive here when it rains. 

At the peak of the mountain there is often snow. A few small rustic homes made solely from rocks and dried grass dot the empty landscape. Towering above is a snow covered mountain peak. The transformers just finished filming their new movie here. The pass was closed for several weeks.

The drive into the Sacred Valley is breathtaking. A hillside where alpacas and sheep run free. They often are in the middle of the road. An odd hill has some surreal cuts made across it’s surface. You understand it was done thousands of years ago and no one really knows why.

We woke up at 4 am and arrived in Cusco, the city, at 9:30 am. After sitting so long we started at the top of the city in some ancient pre-incan ruins who have tightly stacked boulders many weighing thousands of tons. We hiked our way down to Plaza de Armes, first through the ruins then down many many stone steps. 

A few blocks over a man was selling books and we were so very lucky to find some amazing coloring books at a very good price. I bought 50 books at around $83 dollars. I also bought colored pencils - 30 boxes for $232.35, just 20 more to go. I hope to raise enough to buy stuffed animals and soccer balls too. Thank you to everyone who is helping us do this

We did not arrive back home until 10 o clock at night. Exhausted, yet happy. Thank you for your patience for me asking for support early.


WHAT WE DO: For many years the farm where we live has gifted the children in the local community holiday presents. A nutritious vegetarian meal with hot chocolate is also provided to all who come.

WHAT WE NEED: This year we need to buy gifts for 50 children. We will buy art supplies, balls and books for the children. Our Goal is to raise $1,375 - we have $650 to go.

WHAT WE WOULD LOVE TO DO: Separately there are 3 awesome kids that are close neighbors. We would love to gift them with a bike. For these children we would need $125 a child. I can see the smiles on these kids faces already. Our Goal is to raise $375 we have $125 to go.

IF WE RAISE EXTRA: If we raise additional money we will make gift baskets of food items/staples for their families or maybe another bike for another neighbor child.


GET INVOLVED - CLICK HERE: Here is the donation link: If you can do share this post. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million thank yous


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