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And... we have biogas! Thank you so much Janice Kelsey, Marcos, Ellen Proost, Pamela Izaguirre Chocce, Jose and Juvenal. What a long ride but we are the kind of people who know the destination and even if there are obstacles we just keep walking forward. We had some wonderful changes on the farm, like a wind blew in awesome people. People that follow through on their word and like minded people who are committed. Things we struggled to get for months suddenly arrived within days (50 kilos of fresh pig poop). Today our group showed us the first fire from the biogas. This group was able to get the system running within 2 short weeks. Will keep everyone in the loop and well as update everyone on how we will adapt the plan to better serve our community in the future. Thank you and gratitude towards the Creator, very grateful. ❤ With Love


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