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Artisanal Vinegar

Artisanal Vinegar. Twice a year I make vinegars. Each vinegar has it’s own unique flavor and properties. The Guanabana Vinegar I very much like and my instinct tells me it has some unproven beneficial properties. Drinking a bit of vinegar in a glass of water upon waking and again at night helps digestive issues.

When you see a piece of fruit that is a little too ripe, add them to a glass jar with some pure water, a little sugar and a little unpasteurized vinegar. Next hide it for 6 months you will most often have a very nice vinegar.


Guanabana (botanical name, Annona muricate) is from the plant family Annonaceae and has been used for centuries for its healing power. The guanabana (also called soursop or graviola) fruit tree grows in subtropical regions of the world. The guanabana leaves, bark, roots, seeds, and flesh of the fruit are all used for their therapeutic properties.

The main interest in the healing and medicinal potential of soursop is as a treatment for cancer.

Studies into extracts of guanabana or soursop show that the leaves, seeds, roots, fruits, and bark contain over 100 annonaceous acetogenins. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute say that annonaceous acetogenins can help to destroy cancer cells and block cancer cells replicating themselves

Interestingly, only fruit from the plant family Annonaceae contain these natural anticancer agents.

A repor

t from 2017 said there are over 200 chemical compounds in guanabana with therapeutic potential. These alkaloids, phenols, and phytochemicals have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and insecticidal properties.

ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar.

As ACV is formed, acetic acid is produced, which is one of the health-promoting compounds found in apple cider vinegar. In addition to acetic acid, organic and fermented ACV contains other acids, vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and polyphenol antioxidants.

Due to the presence of these compounds, it’s thought that ACV can offer support for healthy digestion, overall health, cellular health and more.

Here’s more about the many apple cider vinegar benefits we know of:

Can help support healthy microbial balance. May support overall healthy weight management and a healthy body composition (when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, including exercise). May help support appetite control; some find that consuming ACV reduces cravings and supports satiety. Promotes a healthy pH balance, due to the acidic qualities of vinegar. Can offer support for cardiovascular health (in animal studies). Supports healthy body composition, including healthy bodily fat (visceral and subcutaneous fat mass). Promotes healthy antioxidant levels (in animal studies) and supports healthy oxidative stress levels (in adults). Provides bioactive compounds, including amino acids, organic acids and polyphenols. May help reduce fatigue (in animal studies).

Combining organic herbs with fermented, organic apple cider vinegar results in even more body wide benefits than consuming plain ACV.


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