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हमारी परियोजना।

We are action based partners that love to participate and support like minded groups and people. 

We are Guardian Farm. We are located in a rural, rustic setting on approximately 13 hectares in a cloud forest. We are trekking distance to Machu Picchu or just a short 2 hour walk along the hydroelectric path which is just 1 hour and 15 minutes away by car.

We have come a long way very quickly.  We now can offer 3 rustic dorms, shared rooms and three private cabins to host our friends and guests.  We have created numerous garden spaces, planted hundreds of plants + trees, created lodging for our animal friends and cleaned an enormous amount of trash and waste from the property.  We are building a collection of heirloom seeds and are continuing to  develop our household organic farm.   It is exciting to introduce organic farming into this region of farmers and we have been collaborating with locals.  Watching people discover the connection between all life and the food we eat is very special.


The reforestation project is going well. We have been collecting a saving a variety of local species of plants and trees.  A partner NGO has been starting trees for us as well.  The reforestation project is mimics the natural pattern of the cloud forest in the area that includes supportive plants.  We will include integrated fruit trees as well as very rare hardwoods that are in danger of extinction.  Our hopes is to teach sustainable forestry practices with the varieties of hardwoods to both extend the lifetime of the species on the planet as well as create a sustainable way to support our reforestation efforts. Species biodiversity is also a big key here, many many types of plants can thrive in the area we are in and species preservation and diversification is of great importance to us. In our first year of planting we planted over 500 trees that we grew from seeds or cuttings.


Our land regeneration project is in it's fourth year.  A once chemically farmed piece of land with degenerated soil will become a healthy thriving permaculture mandala garden.  Two years wass the second year of cover crops, large scale biochar, and composting efforts to supplement the soil's recovery.  Last year we constructed large hugelkulture mounds. We have completed construction a giant pond surrounding the circle in which we will test a variety of fish, including golden carp.  The pond is filled with water diverted from one of our springs.  Soon it will water the circle garden and our young cacao trees as well as return to the small stream nearby.

We are cultivating Spirulina and are happy to share spirulina mother with our visitors. We know that it can help combat anemia in the high mountain regions.  We are working towards farming Black Soldier Flies for chicken feed.  We also installed a biogas system. Our vermiculture beds are working well.

On the land we have discovered 2 species of friends whom we are mindfully creating space for to invite more and create habitats.  One is the monarch butterfly.  This year we did our best to leave untouched every place we saw milkweed growing. Watching the monarch caterpillars grown and go into the chrysalis state. Consciously waiting until the new butterflies emerged from the chrysalis.   Next season with intention we will seed a few areas with more milkweed. Our area has a greta diversity of butterflies with over 500 known species.

We also are a home for many many hives of stingless bees.  Their honey is legendary - it has very unique chemical properties and a higher moisture content.  The antioxidant and biochemical properties are stronger than manuka honey.  We leave the hives untouched but create new spaces for the hives to grow so we can help spread the species. We hope to educate people about how to protect these pollinators are are in process of building a refuge and educational walk.

We hope you enjoy seeing our posts on online and look forward to meeting you.  We encourage you to connect whether you are an expert or a student but we all can always learn from each other.

Much love, in Christ,


"In the time of favor I will answer you, and in the day of salvation I will help you; I will keep you and appoint you to be a covenant for the people, to restore the land, to apportion its desolate inheritances."

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