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  • where are you located?
    near santa maria, peru just 3 hours from the sacred valley, peru.
  • is this a vegetarian center?
    The center itself is not wholly vegetarian or vegan or raw because we respect people’s right to choose and follow their own dietary choices. There is no pork allowed onsite. The owner is a vegetarian and has lived on a raw vegan and a vegan diet.
  • do you have internet?
    WE ARE NOT ABLE TO PROVIDE INTERNET TO GUESTS. while we wish we could provide internet to volunteers, the cost in a rural setting does not allow us to pay for internet because of our budget. to have internet in the house it is the responsibility of each guest to purchase a bitel or claro chip for your phone and recharge in town. it can be an amazing, natural place to unplug and do a digital detox! we have electricity and a generator,
  • are there bugs?
    yes, in the property, yard and grounds especially if you are playing in the garden there are bugs. if you are inside there are not many bugs. all the beds have a mosquito net. I have not used mine in over a month. we suggest bringing socks that cover your ankles because the bugs do not bite through the socks. they do not bite through long sleeve shirts either.
  • what kind of water do you have?
    we drink fresh spring water from the land filtered twice and then a final time through a berkley gravity filter. it is great water.

अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्नों।

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