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Spring Time Christmas Tea

My neighbor sells cinnamon. I happened by her place the day they were debarking an 8 year old cinnamon tree to sell the cinnamon. I bought 2.2 pounds for about $12. I often have guests smell the whole amount it is floral, spicy fragrant and heady - easily one of my favorite smells.

Today I mixed this cinnamon, dried oranges, cloves, an anise, pepper, fresh turmeric (we grow it and ginger here), ginger, 6 incan berries, and tea leaves that had been oddly processed. An oolong tea had been started but I needed to go to Cusco and when I returned it was just dried tea leaves mixed with gently rolled tea. It is nice, I call it the house tea because the technique to make it was so basic and it is a half tea - some flavors are developed and some are light.

The mix above was blended together in a paste and stored in a jar to use over the week. It’s like a Christmas tea but wonderful any day of the year over some ice. I know, because right now I am drinking it.


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