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Wasp nest.

We had a giant wasp nest hanging on a tree right above the driveway. It has been growing and growing and was connected to a very tiny tree branch. Since the last rains it dropped down several feet.

Our local friends and workers have said many times we needed to move it because the variety was terribly aggressive and would go for the eyes. After seeing how close the branch was to breaking, it was time to do something. A few friends (thanks elle, nico and gata) came at night and were able to remove most of the nest by capturing it in a bag. We relocated it to another part of the property.

This morning Pepe and I discovered there is about 15% of the nest still on the tree. They were very irritated and aggressive and one stung me and one stung him. I am told they will completely migrate someplace else by tomorrow.

I wish I had better photos. This was the biggest wasp nest that I have ever seen.


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